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META Quality Charter

Beyond the essential principles of the profession of lawyer, META is committed to respecting its quality charter.

Essential principles of the profession of lawyer

Adopted by the National Council of Bars by normative decision No. 2005-003, the National Internal Regulations of the profession (RIN) form the basis of the common code of ethics for lawyers.

> Article 1.3 of the INR sets out the essential principles of the profession:

A lawyer shall perform his duties with dignity, conscience, independence, probity and humanity, in accordance with the terms of his oath.

In this exercise, he also respects the principles of honour, loyalty, equality and non-discrimination, disinterestedness, confraternity, delicacy, moderation and courtesy.

He demonstrates competence, dedication, diligence and prudence towards his clients.

> Article 2.1 of the RIN sets out the principles of professional secrecy:

The lawyer is the necessary confidant of the client.

Solicitor-client privilege is a matter of public policy. It is general, absolute and unlimited in time.

Subject to the strict requirements of his own defence in any jurisdiction and the cases of declaration or disclosure provided for or authorized by law, the lawyer shall not make any disclosure in any matter that contravenes professional secrecy.

> Article 4.1 of the RIN sets out the principles of conflict of interest:

A lawyer may not be counsel or a representative or advocate for more than one client in the same matter if there is a conflict between the interests of his clients or, unless the parties agree, if there is a serious risk of such a conflict.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the parties, he shall refrain from dealing with the affairs of all clients concerned when a conflict of interest arises, when professional secrecy may be breached or when his independence may no longer be complete.

META Quality Charter

In order to provide an optimal quality of service, META aims to satisfy the four main concerns of its customers:

> Efficiency and effectiveness

– obtain a satisfactory result

> Transparency

– know in advance the rates that will be applied
– know the progress of the case

> Availability

– be able to easily reach the firm

> Confidentiality

– be sure that cases are handled with discretion

To meet these legitimate expectations, META undertakes to:

– ensure complete and sincere clarity on intervention costs by announcing transparent rates from the first meeting

– notify the client in the event of an event likely to change the amount initially planned, due to developments in the case

– inform the client in real time at each step: send an email report after each hearing or significant progress of the project

– not to take any decision binding on the client without his express written consent

– send the client, if the client so wishes, the work carried out (letters, contracts, summonses, etc.) before any communication to a third party (co-contractors, lawyers, courts, administrations, etc.) for information and possible advice

– provide a detailed statement of the due diligence performed, monthly, quarterly or at the client’s request

– send invoices monthly, quarterly or at the customer’s request

– contact a customer who wishes to obtain information within 24 hours (except during holiday periods)

– deal with any emergency situation immediately, subject to our prior acceptance

– favour a rapid and amicable solution of disputes, if possible

– at the end of the assignment entrusted to us, or at the end of the file, provide the client with a detailed summary specifying the steps taken and recalling all the sums called up

The essential principles of the profession of lawyer and our Quality Charter are an integral part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, which is at the heart of our operations. Concrete CSR measures applied by our firm :

– Making our legal expertise available free of charge for projects of general interest
– Preservation of the environment: acquisition of reconditioned IT tools, reasoned management of consumables and energy