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Our story

Founded in 2019 by Léo PEUILLOT, META is a law firm located in Tahiti, French Polynesia.

In addition to our expertise in intellectual property law and internet and digital law, our firm also assists you in business law and civil law.

We intervene both upstream during the design of your project and downstream during its development or during its defence, in French Polynesia, France and internationally.

Our values

The word “META” comes from the ancient Greek “μετά” (meta), which expresses at the same time change, renewal and going beyond.

This concept clearly illustrates META’s ambition.

Whether for legal work, firm management or relations with clients and partners, META places adaptability, responsiveness and efficiency at the heart of its values. With this in mind, we are committed to respecting our Quality Charter and have set up a satisfaction survey.

Our approach

In response to the many challenges faced by our clients, we offer a range of legal services that take into account the economic and technological dimensions of your project.

This transversal approach gives us a 360° view of legal issues that are increasingly complex and interconnected with economic and technological stakes.

In this perspective, we support you in the protection and development of your collective labelling process, your creativity, your career/image, your start-up and your personal data.

In short, META is a developer of business and innovation!