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Our values

The word “META”, which comes from the ancient Greek “μετά” (meta), expresses both change, renewal, going beyond.

This concept illustrates well the state of mind and the functioning of META.

Whether it is for legal work, the management of the firm or relations with clients and partners, META places boldness and adaptability at the heart of its values.

Taking on challenges is our favourite hobby.

Our approach

In order to protect and develop the creativity, ingenuity and innovations of its clients, particularly in the digital age, META has a 360° vision of increasingly complex legal issues, interconnected with economic and technological issues.

We intervene both upstream during the design of your project and downstream during its development or during its defence, in French Polynesia, in Europe and internationally.

Beyond physical borders, META supports you in all your projects on the Internet and in the Metaverse.

META’s activities are organised in three areas:

      • Advice
      • Litigation
      • Training

In short, META is a business and innovation developer!