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Transparency and predictability

The law firm is a company and the fees constitute the remuneration for its services.

We are committed to complete transparency regarding our fees, the amount and timing of which will be discussed at the first meeting.

These fees are the subject of an agreement submitted to the client and signed, before the start of the assignment.

Determination of fees

Depending on the nature of the case, its complexity and the issues at stake, fees can be calculated in different ways.

When we propose a fee agreement or quotation, we take into account in particular the difficulty of the case or project, the use in the matter, the costs incurred and the due diligence to be expected.

Fees are subject to the value added tax in force in French Polynesia for all services not subject to the reduced rate or not expressly exempted (13%).

The firm’s fees can be covered, in part or in whole:

> By your legal protection insurance.
> With regard to legal aid.

Fees can be set according to the time spent on the client’s file.

The average hourly rate charged by our firm is 225 euros per hour, excluding tax.

Fees can be set globally and in advance at the beginning of the file for a defined service.

Any unplanned benefits will be subject to new compensation based on a new agreement.

In addition to time or flat-rate fees, it is possible to include additional performance fees.

These additional fees are based on a percentage, previously agreed with the client, of the sums recovered or saved.

On average, our firm charges additional fees of 10% of the sums obtained or saved.

We also offer year-round subscription agreements for ongoing legal assistance services, as well as packages with several additional services.

Reduced rate for the first appointment

At the first appointment, you benefit from a reduced rate. Its cost depends on its duration:

> If it lasts 30 minutes : 60 euros, excluding taxes.
> If it lasts 1 hour : 110 euros, excluding taxes.

For a first legal consultation, remember to bring the documents of the case.