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Your start-up : creation, financing, contracts related to your innovations

At the heart of all expectations, start-ups are at the forefront of revolutionizing and boosting the Polynesian economy: collaborative, social and solidarity approaches, GreenTech, FoodTech, MedTech…

Faced with the many challenges faced by start-ups, META is committed to supporting them and supporting them in their creation and development of their projects.

META is particularly active in intellectual property law and in internet and digital law for PRISM, the Polynesian incubator developed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of French Polynesia.

Our services can be chosen individually or in a package including several additional services, according to your preferences.

Specifically adapted to Polynesian start-ups, they are organised in three parts:

Study of your project

We listen to you and study all the data with you in order to define together your objectives and the means to achieve them.

The implementation of an audit and a legal strategy is a significant asset, even in the disruptive but already very competitive “start-up environment”.

Creation of your start-up

We advise you on the legal forms and statutes adapted to your project and your personal situation.

We draft legal documents (articles of association, shareholders’ agreement, etc.) and carry out all the formalities necessary for the incorporation of your company.

Protection and enhancement of your innovations

Thanks to our expertise in intellectual property law and internet and digital law, your innovations are protected, valued and defended.

Focus on your creativity and innovations, we take care of the legal process!

Gain credibility with potential investors and banks by being followed by a law firm that secures your innovations and investments!