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Your creativity : artistic creation, distinctive sign, innovative invention

The stakes

Human beings are distinguished from animals and machines by their ability to express their sensitivity, creativity and ingenuity by developing ideas, concepts, works and inventions.

Human genius is the most precious thing we have.

In addition to the personal attachment that the author or inventor may have to his creation, it is very often linked to important economic and financial issues. Whether in terms of the investments that have been necessary to make it, or in terms of the gains it can bring, creation has considerable value.

Don’t wait for someone to infringe your rights to react, define a strategy now to protect and enhance your creativity!

Our services are aimed at all creators, including:

– Artists, writers, lyricists, performers, choreographers

– Illustrators, painters, draftsmen, graphic designers, designers

– Tattoo artists, craftsmen, engravers, dressmakers

– Inventors, programmers, database designers

– Communication agencies, publishing houses, production companies, collecting and distribution companies, etc.

Our offer

Our offer is based on Léo PEUILLOT‘s expertise in intellectual property law. In addition to his training focused on this field (Master, Doctorate, Certificates), he has been practicing it daily for more than ten years, in a wide variety of professional environments (law firms in France and Japan, Polynesian administration, national authority).

For several years now, he has also been a member of numerous national and international associations of experts in intellectual property law.

META accompanies you and provides you with its expertise in intellectual property law and the many tools available to protect and develop your artistic creations, distinctive signs and innovative inventions: trademark law, copyright and performers’ rights, industrial design law, patent law, geographical indications and appellations of origin law.

Our services can be chosen individually or in a package including several additional services, according to your preferences.

They are organized in five parts:

1. Rights analysis, audit, definition of the protection strategy

– Feasibility study, rights analysis, definition of the protection strategy
– Audit and financial evaluation

2. Research and preparatory work

– Prior art and availability searches in French Polynesia, in France, in Europe and abroad
– Distinctiveness and validity study
– Analysis of 2D or 3D creations
– Patentability study
– Drafting of standard wording and regulations
– Drafting of memoirs describing inventions and claims defining their technical characteristics

3. Filing, registration, renewal

– Filing and renewal at national, European and international level
– Follow-up of administrative procedures (notifications, observations, objections)

4. Management and valuation of your rights, negotiation and drafting of contracts

– Negotiation and drafting of contracts: license, assignment, coexistence agreement, consent letter, confidentiality agreement, franchise agreement, distribution agreement, etc

5. Monitoring, competitive intelligence and advocacy

– Surveillance (in French Polynesia, in France, in the European Union, internationally), formal notice
– Competitive intelligence and opinion polls
– Drafting of observations, objections, requests for cancellation
– Implementation of extrajudicial and/or judicial actions (infringement action, infringement seizures, invalidity action, claim action)