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Network of Correspondents

Our firm benefits from an efficient network of foreign correspondents.


> France :

– Mr. Édouard CAHEN, from the firm Aramis, located in Paris.

– Ms. Grâce FAVREL, from the firm FAVREL Avocat, located in Paris.

Mr. Olabissi GONÇALVÈS, from the firm Lorraine Défense et Conseil, located in Épinal.

– Mr. Martin KOSMICKI, from the firm FIDAL, located in Strasbourg.

– Mr. Mickaël MACÉ, from the firm LEX’OPUS, located in Nantes.

– Mr. Quentin PELTIER, from the firm Mazars Société d’Avocats, located in Strasbourg.

– Ms. Cyrielle PESCHON, from the firm SG Avocats Conseil, located in Reims.

– Ms. Tiffany RAJERIARISON, from the firm SDR Légal, located in Strasbourg.

– Ms. Justine SCHMITT, from the firm WURTH, located in Colmar.


> Japan :

– Mr. Keiichi OTA, from the firm OTA & Associates, located in Tokyo.

– Mr. Yohei SUDA, from the firm SUDA, located in Tokyo.

> South Korea :

– Ms. Alexandra BELEC, from the firm KIM & CHANG, located in Seoul.

– Mr. Christian KYUNG SEOK CHUN, from the firm KIM & CHANG, located in Seoul.


> United States of America :

– Mr. David B. DELLENBACH, from the firm Workman Nydegger, located in Salt Lake City.

This network of correspondents is constantly expanding.

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