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Civil Law

Civil Liability

> Assistance in obtaining compensation for damage suffered in the event of damage to your person or property
> Negotiation of the amount of compensation with the insurer of the person responsible for the accident
> Assistance in the proceedings before the Compensation Commission for Victims of Crime (CIVI)
> Defending the person responsible for an infringement, protecting your rights against your opponent and your insurance company

Contract Law

> Audit, negotiation, drafting and modification of contracts: movable sale, real estate sale, loan, guarantee, mandate, residential lease, etc.
> Assistance during the execution of the contract or during its termination
> Management of contractual disputes: contesting the validity of a contract, forced execution, resolution, termination
> Drafting of acknowledgement of debt, collection of civil claims: unpaid rent, debt, etc

Consumer Law

> Implementation of extrajudicial and/or judicial actions: defective products, hidden defects, misleading advertising, fraud, abuse of weakness, etc
> Assistance in the event of a dispute with any type of service provider, in particular:
     – your insurance company
     – your bank
     – your internet service provider
     – an airline company
     – your car mechanic
     – etc.
> Defense against a request for payment of a consumer credit or a real estate loan
> Assistance with over-indebtedness